No Such Thing as the January Blues

Now's the time of year for hibernating, don't you think? Everyone always talks about Christmas time when it comes to sitting cozily in front of the fire, but who really has the time? The truth is, for me anyway, I'm busy with family or with holiday parties or wrapping things up to go away, and the hours available for relaxing before Christmas are few and far between.

But now that it's January, and everyone is broke and bored with nothing to do - I think now is the time to settle in for the winter and get lost in a favourite book or get some life admin done (the good kind, not too boring).

I'm pretty excited about January, and his year I have come prepared! I have compiled a list of things to keep me occupied until it's time to tentatively poke my nose out of my rabbit hole and see if it's February, or better yet March, yet.

1) Before my pre-holiday present budget ran out I booked myself onto this Red Velvet Blog Love e-course, put together by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. That'll keep me occupied for a while, and so far it's been so much fun.

2) This may make me a bit of a nerd, but I love January clean outs. I have a list of things, not too long thank goodness, that need to be cleaned out and their contents chucked away. Best start by following this apartment therapy article.

3) Flat hunting. A time consuming and competitive process in London  but I'm so excited to get started. From now until we find the perfect places I will be glued to this website.

4) The entire cast of BBC's Pride and Prejudice has kindly offered to keep me company on my laptop by playing as many times as I wish them to until I no longer need entertaining (or until Adam throws my laptop out the window) - Thank goodness for Mr Darcy!

5) Trying out some new recipes, which also means trying out some of my Christmas presents, but more to come on that soon...

6) At the moment I'm reading The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. I'm really enjoying it.

7) I've got some exciting plans to get working on for this little blog of mine, so that'll take some time to sit down and mull over. These plans include a couple of giveaways, one of which is already underway! You can check it out and enter here. Good luck!

Do you have any tried and tested ways of making January fun?