A Pretty Thing to Help in Living a Simple Life

I've come to the realization that perhaps I am taking on rather a lot these days.

Last week my Arabic teacher caught me on Skype and told me off for not having had a lesson since August - "this is no way to learn a language, Freya". So I arranged one for this week which is frightening because I have forgotten almost everything but the word for beans.

The week before, my manager mentioned that he has budgeted in seven overseas trips for this year. Seven!

Then there's this little blog of mine here that needs attention most days, plus a #ProjectLife365 commitment. Friends to see most days. Exercise to be done most days (anything Freya, just run up some stairs or something!).

I've got a flat to move into, non-work trips to plan, family to visit. I've got wedding invites coming out of my ears! And I've got life admin to take care of: passports to renew, car batteries to replace, insurances to search for, vitamins to remember to take, water to remember to drink (I'm like a camel, I can go days without drinking any water at all) all these things I'm sure you're dying to hear about...

If I factor in how much time I waste on Twitter and Pinterest and add that to the time I'm at work, I've got roughly 18 minutes left in the day to accomplish all that needs accomplishing.

So that's why I bought this little journal planner, so that I can keep track of what I'm doing and remember what I need to do. I think keeping on top of things will help me get a little more sleep at night, it'll help me plan my blog posts, and it will allow me to fit all of the above in - because I


to fit it in. There are only one or two things up there that I don't want to do, the rest is all by choice and for my own enjoyment. Frantically trying to cram it all in kind of kills the fun a little bit though.

So, here's to pretty notebooks and organisation in aid of a more simple and peaceful life.

The Magic Notebook :: Journal :: Sticky Notes :: Pen

p.s. this is a really interesting blog post about accomplishing things in a manageable, stress free way.