Christmas Time

Christmas morning arrived bright and early in Jersey this year. There's always this moment of calm before the storm at my Aunt and Uncle's house in the Channel Islands, where everything is peaceful and serene and quietly festive - then the cousins and the kids descend and everything turns to chaos. Happy happy chaos. 

Before I left London one of my Christmas presents arrived early, a brand new camera - from me, to me. Thanks me! I've never had a DSLR of my own so I'm pretty excited that after months of saving, I've finally got one. First order of they day is to take photos in your pyjamas, of course.

Lots of presents just waiting to be opened. I think I did pretty well on the present buying this year, so I was really looking forward to seeing my family's faces as they opened them all up.

Blighty was Blighty. If you can count on one thing in the UK, it's the weather.

I took some extra time with my hair in the morning to make sure it looked pretty for Christmas lunch. You can't really tell but it's a fishtail braid twirled up into a side bun.

These two trouble makers, Sam and Amelie.

My cousin Georgia has always felt like my older sister, and we look so much alike, but I've always been jealous that she has more freckles than me. And my Goddaughter Livvie just does not ever stop smiling. 

Dad being even more trouble than the children. As he gets older he just gets cheekier, it really can be quite shocking sometimes.

Then we had an alien invasion...

Followed by pudding.

Everything about Christmas at my Aunt's house in Jersey is chaos. It takes three people to light the pudding, two people to open one present, and meanwhile the kids are wizzing around on scooters and trying to play with every one of their new presents at the same time. It's all very different from where I am now.

I'm spending New Years at my Mum's in Lancashire, and it couldn't be more different. Everything is very quiet and calm.

I'm so looking forward to 2013. I have a feeling that a lot is going to happen this year, all of it for the good. Midnight is just around the corner, and I should probably head back to my glass of champagne. But I couldn't pass up my first chance to use the internet in a week.

I hope you all have a happy New Year, and I'll see you all in 2013.