A Christmas Tradition


I'm a big fan of Christmas movies. I think I'm pretty much alone in my family on this one though, because whenever It's a Wonderful Life comes on tv over the holidays everyone rolls their eyes and changes the channel. That's the point at which I sneak off to another room to curl up in a blanket and watch it on my own. I don't mind so much though, watching Christmas movies on my own has become a bit of a ritual that I really enjoy - now of course I like to watch them with Adam sometimes too.

My favourite holiday film of all time is Meet Me in St Louis. It's just so cheerful and it brings back happy memories of making a bed out of blankets and pillows on the floor in my Grandfather's house in Bermuda every year on the 24th, and watching Judy Garland sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas until Christmas day dawned.

What's your favourite Christmas film? Do you have any Christmas film traditions?