Birthday Adventures in Amsterdam

Last weekend Adam and I visited Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities, and I'm pretty sure Adam is now in love with it too. We didn't really make any plans to visit museums or do any tours, we just kind of wandered and did what we felt like. Just wandering is our go-to way of getting to know a city, sitting in local cafes where tourists never go (the kind that only serve coffee!!), and just talking about the things we notice. Other trips are more packed with activities, but some cities just need to be strolled through.

As it was Adam's special birthday trip, we stayed in an extra special airbnb apartment. We went out for a few extra special dinners, and went to see Kill It Kid play live. We stuffed our faces with pancakes and wandered the city while Adam occasionally interjected observations about no longer being in his 20s - I think he handled the whole thing really well, better than I will I'm sure. I also got him a really special birthday present, but I'll share that another time.

Amsterdam is the best. Oh, and fondue is my new favorite thing.