Home Again

The whole time I was in Nicaragua it seemed like I would be there forever. And then suddenly the day arrived where I had to pack my suitcase and I found I really didn't want to.

When I finally made it home I slept for almost two days only to wake up with a horrible cold. And now that I'm in bed and feeling sorry for myself, I can't quite believe that I was ever away. But I keep dreaming about it: the lovely hot weather, the kind people, the busy days spent outdoors, the thunderstorms, the unpredictability and variety of my schedule. Sometimes I think I'm really not meant for office work, but then who is?

All of these photos were taken at a farm where people had gathered to talk about their animals. Because my work doesn't often require me to talk, more observe, it leaves me free to hover in the background pretending to be invisible, snapping and filming away with my cameras and hanging out with others whose input also is not often required: like the kids and the animals.

I also gave some impromptu photography lessons - the top two pictures were taken by that little boy holding the camera - pretty good, don't you think?