Three Years Later

(he looks the same in this picture as he did that night, same shirt and everything)

Three years ago this Saturday, Adam and I had our first date. And I met my first ever crush again after seventeen years had passed. That night I'm sure that, if she could have, my nine-year-old self would have traveled forward in time to meet me in the bathroom at the bar to giggle and talk about all those years ago when I used to write him love letters with terrible spelling.

He was waiting for me outside Great Portland Street station, and I walked up to him pretending to be finishing a text on my phone because I was too nervous to look at him. I was afraid I would blush and give away how much I liked him. And I couldn't think of how I move my arms when I walk - do I swing them? Is that what they usually do down there? I hadn't thought about it before, what if I looked dumb with my hands swinging exaggeratedly by my side?

I completely threw him off guard because it seemed as though I wasn't interested, even though we had been writing to each other almost every day for a month, but I was just too afraid to move too much in case I did something silly. And he had to spell it out for me that he liked me because I'm not good at telling when boys are interested (I always think they're just being friendly).

He threw me off too because I had never had a boy like him be interested in me before, he was just so... kind to me! And normal! And I felt like an idiot for staring at my phone as I walked out of the tube. And the idea of us being together was just too much like, well, fate.

That evening he took me to a secret bar. It's somewhere on Greek Street in Soho and an unmarked doorway leads you into a basement where the bouncer may or may not let you in - depending on if he's turned up for work that day. It's very mafia chic, and full of regulars and incredible characters. We were the only ones there and we talked and laughed - we laughed so much.

We went back there this week, purely by accident, and it reminded me of how that bar and the moment I fist stepped foot in it marked the beginning of what has been the most amazing adventure of my life. 

I loved everything about that first date, and every date after that, and now I love everything about how every day he wakes me up in the morning before he goes to work with a cup of tea and an "I love you".

P.s. I'll do a post about how Adam and I first met and then got together once I get back from Canada in September, I need to find some old photographs :)