My Week in Moments

The five moments that made my week:

Monday: this beautiful baby calf with it's breakfast all over it's nose. It was so lovely to see a happy and healthy looking animal, sadly a rare sight on this trip.

Tuesday: the moment I found myself staying in Limuru Town instead of Nairobi - perhaps not the most cheerful place I've ever stayed but it was very atmospheric all the same.

Wednesday: the moment I realised how much I love Kenyan tea (I mean I'm really addicted to the stuff) and mandazi, a sort of deep friend bread that is a little bit sweet.

Thursday: the moment I was treated to an extra special performance from the primary school children I was visiting.

Friday: the moment we pulled over to check the tires on our way back from Kericho (where the Kenyan runners come from) to Nairobi and we got mobbed my pineapples. So yummy.