Le Beaujolais

On Friday night my good friend Agata and I decided to head over to Le Beaujolais near Leicester Square for a bit of a wine and cheese night. Whenever we get together, it always turns into a wine and cheese night which would explain why I start craving cheese the minute her name pops up in my email inbox. 

I first came across Le Beaujolais on one of my trips to London while I was still at University. My friend Ella and I had come down to see the Frida Khalo exhibit at the Tate and to stay with my Mum who was house sitting for a friend in Little Venice, a top floor victorian conversion full of cats and Tracey Emin originals hanging on the wall - the place was both awe inspiring and a little unsettling. We decided to head out for the evening, the three of us, and find some cheap tickets to a show. We ended up going to see The Mousetrap and having a drink in this french wine bar down the street, and by the end of the night Ella and I had to carry my mum home between us! I have been going back ever since.

It's a little seedy, I've never been there and not seen some old man with his arm around what could only be an escort. And you have to head over there quite early because there is a strict no reservations policy, in fact they will laugh at you if you ask. But it is a lovely French wine bar with genuinely good cheese. And nine times out of ten I have had a great night there, just chatting away to some friend or other. In fact, it was in this bar that I met Adam's parents for the first time (again) and felt so happy that I was finally dating a boy who has a normal, lovely family. What a relief that was!