I just can't stay away

Work has brought me to Kenya again. I arrived yesterday morning and I have been so stressed about this trip that I wasn't really looking forward to it as much as I wanted to be, but the moment I landed I was so happy to be back. People say that once Africa gets a hold on you, it doesn't easily let you go, it gets under your skin - I think that must be true. I love it more every time I come.

Once again, I got off my flight at 8am, got to my hotel, showered, and skipped out the door to the

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

- when you've got the morning off work what better way to spend it than in the company of some baby elephants? I had my good camera with me this time so I could take some nice shots.

They all ran out to their bottles, the big ones feed themselves with a little assistance from their keepers and the little ones are fed under a grey sheet. They are so newly orphaned that it is healthier for them to pretend that they are still drinking from their mother and the sheet helps to sooth them. When they finished the little ones were so tired from the effort of drinking that one of them collapsed and had a nap while his keeper helped him out with his dust bath.

The older elephants were rolling all over the floor though, I have never seen elephants act that way. They were having such a good time, in one picture you can see how much they are smiling.

This morning kicks off six days of solid work. Long hours in the sun and dust trying my best to complete some projects. It scares me though, I still can't believe that coming to Kenya is something I am REQUIRED to do. It's amazing but it seems like such a mistake, that I would be trusted with something so big. On my own. The pressure has seemed a bit heavy this time around, but it's mostly there because of me and my own expectations. I always manage to scare myself.