franco manca - pizza heaven

lets start off this post by saying that friday night was a bit of a mistake.

in short: going out to support a friend of a friend who is playing a gig in some over priced dive in clapham south, while their is a bus strike and no way to get home, means ending up in some seedy club and not making it home t

o the other side of london i hasten to add 

until you've managed to argue with a taxi driver to take you and your friend home for a reasonable price as the sun comes up.

i'm not the sort of girl who goes out dancing often, and i love it when i do, but no word of a lie, the place we ended up was like a dodgy flash-back to second year at uni. yikes!

and because my lovely friend sara jane is visiting on her way to toronto from cairo, i decided to make it up to her for her extremely poorly morning head, by taking a trip to brixton and indulging in some franco manca pazza bliss.

sara jane looking rough as anything, trying to decide what pizza to have. it's a tough decision. these pizzas are the best i personally have ever had - and i've been to italy! though to be fair, the guys who own and run it are from naples.

adam is being very helpful by propping me up and listening to me complain about my sleepiness while we wait for the pizza to arrive. goodness was i shattered! stupid work brain ensures that i wake up at 7am no matter what the circumstances - that meant two hours sleep for me. i was in desperate need of pizza by this point.

it finally arrived, and i was so ravenous that i forgot to take a picture before i tucked in. my pizza was the veggie special: sour dough base (they're all sour dough) with tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket, and fennel salami

 which i added on as extra

helped along with generous helpings of garlic oil for dipping the crusts in...

it still managed to defeat me. it always does. you know when you're eating something so delicious that you become full before you're done and it almost makes you want to cry knowing that you can't eat another bite? that's what this picture above is all about.

behold, franco manca's super-amazing healing powers. sara jane, post pizza and a completely new woman. it really was a miraculous turnaround and it was all down to the sour dough crust, i swear.

i even pepped up enough to decorate adam with my scarf while he pretended to guzzle garlic oil. he really is a very tolerant man.

thank you franco manca pizza. you saved the day. 

we promptly went home and watched movies until we fell asleep.

go and visit

franco manca

, really you should. they're in brixton market, not far from the tube, and just off electric avenue. go after lunch though, the queue can grow quite large but quick service means you are seated quickly, served quickly, but never rushed to move on.

oh and p.s. they do amazing home made lemonade too.