home for the weekend - part two

we went to visit the tan hill inn - the highest pub in england

whenever we go to visit my mum we always seem to run into a classic car convention of some sort

on a map there was a place near by called wenslydale, which of course prompted me to say 

"cheeeeeeese", like wallace from wallace and gromit. 

still not sure if that wenslydale is where they make wenslydale cheese

we made friends with the local wildlife, this little sheep came up to us for a chat - i think it thought it was a dog... 

that's me, always eager to form a friendship with any available animal. 

life up in the yorkshire dales can be rough on sheep, and they are mostly wild up there - but occasionally the tan hill inn takes in a baby when it gets seperated from it's mother for some reason, so they can grow up to be pretty tame...

these are adam's photos from the back garden

its starting to dawn on me that he's a better photographer than i am...

he spent a long time stalking the bunnies...

that's the end of my photos from this past weekend's adventure. we had a really great time and it was so nice to relax and get some proper sleep.

the countdown to my trip to kenya is officially on. only four days to go! the forecast suggests it will be rain and thunderstorms the whole time we are there, but i am only going to take that as a suggestion and politely suggest in return that we may have some sun... please?

also, and this is the best part, one of my best friends sara jane is going to fly out from toronto and meet me in nairobi! once i'm done working, me, sara jane, and eve (who is also travelling to kenya for work) will take a few days to go to mombasa. i actually can't wait.

so coming back to london from my mum's house didn't prompt too much end-of-holiday-despair because i'm off again in a few days!! even if it is mostly for work, who cares, it's AFRICA!