home for the weekend - part one

this past weekend, adam, my friend kim and i got in the car and went on a four hour road trip up north to visit my mum. she lives in lancashire, which in my opinion is the most beautiful county in england (though not having visited all of them that's a bit of an uneducated opinion). we ate loads, walked loads, watched movies camped out on the living room floor by the fire.

my mum lives in one of those parts of the country where there isn't much going on except for sheep hanging out and bunnies sunbathing in the back garden, it's pretty great, its got to be one of my most favourite places on earth right now. she always goes and gets loads of food in for us and roasts a chicken for dinner (which is my absolute favourite - but it has to be a specific kind of chicken from near where she lives). 

we all had such a relaxing time, none of us wanted to leave. it was just so great, we actually all started to calm down a little bit and shake off a bit of that hectic london feeling. it was all too short lived though, because it was back to work today.

but here are some pictures from the weekend...

kim preforming her signature leap - there are pictures of her leaping for joy 
practically all over the world... 

 nothing like hot chocolate to warm you up after a chilly stroll through the fields

lambing season is definitely in full swing over there

more to come tomorrow...