hello from nairobi! kenya part two

today has been non-stop since 7 this morning. i feel like i have done more today than i normally do in a week back home - but every day seems feels like a completely life changing experience.

today we drove into the rift valley to visit various places, one of which was a school my organisation works with to educate children on the importance of animal welfare. when we got out of the car i realised what it must be like for a movie star because we were mobbed! a million little hands grabbing at us and yelling for our attention, apparently they didn't believe that we were real! it nearly had me in tears, they were just so sweet and excited!

i really need to go to bed now. tomorrow is another long day - hopefully we won't get stuck in another two hour traffic jam like we did today! i'm pretty sure i inhaled more exhaust fumes in those two hours than i have in my entire life!

a view looking down into the rift valley, that is where the masai live! we saw a few, they're generally pretty handsome guys if i'm honest...

after the children did some dances and recited some poems for us. can you imagine having this as your playground? it was beautiful.

being mobbed - it was great! these little guys made me happy beyond words.

oh yea, and me photographing a dung beetle. i have no shame when it comes to photographing bugs on poo apparently.