In Print

This post was written in partner ship with Blurb

Can you believe it wasn't really that long ago that we were using film cameras? My first camera was a film SLR, my mum bought it for me just as I was dropping out of university (temporarily) to travel around Spain and Morocco for a few months. I've always taken photos with various cameras but that was the first time I ever felt serious about photography... of course I shot on automatic the whole time and only had the cheap and plasticy kit lens, but the camera was heavy and that made it feel credible. 

To this day I still have two albums full of photos from that trip, and I'm pretty sure that was the last time I had any photo of mine printed. I loved using that camera, but I was never planning to become a photographer - making a career out of any kind of art form was for someone braver than me, someone with more motivation and drive. Who knew I had it in me? I didn't. But as it turns out there was something to that love of photography, and now here I am.



But these days I rarely see my photos in print. I live in a tiny two room flat with walls that clutter easily, all my client work is delivered digitally, and it wasn't something that ever really came up. It was only this past year that I saw one of my photos printed in a book and I found it so mesmerising - to actually touch and feel a moment that I captured, it's just so different from seeing it on a screen. And I think seeing something in print is that final and solid test to see if a photo turned out well, so I was interested to test out some of my other shots.

My dad has been bothering me for some of my photos for months now, so I finally got down to the task of putting together a book - which I knew would take ages because I'm so picky about how these things look while also being terrible at design. I went with Blurb because for years and years, Adam's family have used them to put together an annual family photo album, and the occasional wedding or anniversary book - they always look so good.

I wasn't sure how my photos would stand up to print because I shoot a little dark and I know light shots work best on paper - so I adjusted them a little in Lightroom and put together a photo book using Blurb's native design tool, BookWright. I could have used something else but I found it really handy to use a tool that had a template where I could drag and drop into a pr-set design - an eye for creative layouts and book design is just not one of my talents and trying to come up with something on my own can take me hours! This took me about 45 minutes, the image selection however... that took a lot longer.

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out that I sadly never actually gave it to my Dad! I bought him a cook book instead (bad daughter). I love the wrap-around cover and the quality of the print, and now I'm thinking I'd love to put together something like a magazine that people can buy through my website, what do you think? A collection of my best shots from the year, or one mini-magazine per trip - something like that. Add that to my list of projects this year!

This post was sponsored byBlurb, a brand I've known for years which I think you'd really love.