Just a Moment :: Thirty Two

This feature has always been one of my favourites to write on Nishaantishu. I think if ever I gave up blogging completely, and I don't see that ever happening, but if I did I think I would still find some way to post Just a Moment posts - somewhere on the internet. 

I don't get around to writing them as often as I used to, mostly because they mean having my camera on hand at just the right moment which doesn't happen as often as I would like, but I made an extra effort this weekend and here are the results (it's a little Molly focused, but they usually are):

1. The ultimate photo-bomb. But just try and sit on the floor and avoid being sat on by this girl.

2. A few years ago I knit myself this massive scarf and it was just way too big to wear, but too small to use as a blanket. So Molly adopted it and sleeps with it every night, along with her teddy, because she's basically a human. 

3. Burning sage to see in the new winter season and clean out the cobwebs of the old. And then being slightly perplexed/concerned that I didn't set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. I should probably check on that.

4. These two. Words just can't...

5. Mulled wine! We got the last two cups left after a chilly walk with the dog on Sunday. The wind was so strong it was blowing Molly's ball all over the park and she kept losing it. But maybe that's because she needs a hair cut, she can't see anything through all that fur.





Just a Moment :: Thirty One

Just a few moments from the past couple of weeks that have made me extra happy.

1. The first day of holidays face! A whole week off and I couldn't be happier.

2. Brand new trainers to kick me into shape. After doing a Nike running test I found out that I have seriously messed up feet - so these are the most orthopaedic trainers you can buy with extra supports.

3. Ramen and catch ups with friends passing through London. I have had so many visitors lately, and so have been eating out loads. Very delicious, but I'm definitely going to be putting those new trainers to use soon.

4. Aesop samples and dreaming over what products I'm going to buy when my birthday/Christmas rolls around.

5. Coffee dates with this beauty. Stacey and I have been orbiting around each other and our mutual interests for a while now, and we've only just started catching up over coffee and talking about everything from business ideas to how much we both love dogs.





Just a Moment :: Thirty

Just a few moments I managed to record lately that make me smile.

1. This dog. Isn't she just a little bit silly? She is such a cuddle monster I sometimes can't believe how much she just wants to be in your lap at all times. She must think she's a lit smaller than she is beause when she sits on you she takes up an awful lot of space.

2. Grabbing lunch at Healthy Stuff, our favour Dalston cafe. We don't come here much anymore because there are other places a lot closer to our house, but it will always remind me of when we fist moved to Hackney. We didn't have loads of money, so going out for a coffee once a week felt like a real treat.

3. Walking around the streets of London with Adam can sometimes be a real hazard. He's obsessed with buildings, history and how neighbourhoods come together. You can't walk ten steps without him directing your gaze in every which direction, sometimes several at once, telling you to look at how amazing that building is or wondering what it was originally bilt for. We usually end up getting confused, walking into each other and tripping over Molly's lead.

4. We found poutine in Brick Lane! If you don't know what poutine is, book yourself a ticket to Canada, pronto!

5. I've probably done a just a moment photo for this one in the past, but E5 Bakehouse in the London Fields railway arches makes the best eclairs.





Just a Moment :: Twenty Nine

I have so many Just a Moment photos from the past few weeks that it's been really hard to narrow it down to just a few. Summer in London is such a magical time. Everyone is so happy, they're out and doing things, and there just seems to be a lot more laughter about. Wouldn't it be great if we could have summer all year? Or maybe just a longer summer and shorter winter, that way we would get to wear all those jumpers we love so much for at least a little bit.

But anyway, here are a few moments that have made me happy over the past few weeks:

1. This guy. Every moment. Of every day. Adam doesn't feature much on the blog because he's pretty camera shy - but he's around, being his usual lovely self with the late-night omelet making and giving me lots of help lately with photo taking. 

2. Getting to spend lots of time with one of my most favourite of all people lately. You know those kind of friends who just make you feel great about everything, who bring out the best in you, and you never have to pretend to be anyone else but yourself with? That's Tania

3. Lots of countryside breaks lately. Making it a priority to get out of the city, even for just an hour, does so much good. I'm really loving taking photos in more natural settings lately and I have so many stored up to share with you soon.

4. Chatting to the amazing makers and doers in my local market. I've been buying my candles from Earl of East London for months now and they have curated such a wonderful collection of stuff - there isn't anything in that shop I wouldn't happily bring home with me. But these days I'm mostly in love with their handmade scents. 

5. Taking Molly out of the city. She loves it as much as Adam and I do, especially when there's a pond around in which to practice her new swimming skills - and I really think she's a country dog at heart. In fact, I really think we're a country family at heart.

6. Nonna's gelato in Broadway Market, I haven't ever seen them before last weekend but their gelato is really good! I wish they would just set up a permanent gelato or ice cream shop in the market, one that stayed open late in the evenings where we could walk to after dinner with Molly. That would just be perfection.





Just a Moment :: twenty eight

I'm back from India having had a great trip, London is looking beautiful in the summer sun, and everything feels right with the world. 

I have so many photos to edit and share with you - I went to some amazing places, trekked up the side of a mountain (or tried to), hung out the side of a train, cuddled with some foals, had an altercation with goat, and popped in to pay a quick visit to the Dalai Lama's temple. I was so happy I could share it all with you on snapchat and instagram when I had decent wifi, and I have lots more to share here on the blog, but for how here's a few moments from the past ten days

Foals in India

1. Getting a peek inside a traditional Indian home put together with sand and slate. Everywhere we went people were so friendly and accommodating, always smiling, always willing to chat, and almost always keen to pose for a photo. 

2. Getting to visit the Dalai Lama's temple in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. I had no idea we would be filming so close to where he lives and because we finished work in the early afternoon, the India team drove us up to the temple to take a look around. There are no cameras allowed inside but of course people brought them in anyway. I took a few photos on my phone and I shared a couple on Instagram, but I can tell you that the temple is very simple - a yellow compound with a lot of monks and some amazing mountains views. The town itself is pretty touristy, but it has some beautiful mountain views.

3. This lamb who was just one big floppy ball of fuzz. Someone bent down and scooped him up and put him in my arms where he just sat resigned with a 'I get this all the time' kind of attitude - I asked Jeremy to take a photo because it's not every day you get to cuddle something so ridiculously cute.

4. This kid drinking his milk out of a cup with a spoon. Because there's a time in everyone's childhood where we all preferred to drink out of a cup with a spoon.

5. We visited some families in Himachal Pradesh and came across these slabs of stone with faces carved on them. It turns out that in that particular village, when someone dies without children, they carve a stone for them and put it together with the other stones so that they will never be forgotten when they don't have family to remember them.

6. Walking across this rickety wooden swing bridge in a slate mine. It was very rocky and the boards creaked alarmingly, but crossing it made me feel like Indiana Jones so it was totally worth it.

7. This mule foal. I think if I had given him the chance he would have cuddled up in my lap for a nap. Every time I stopped scratching behind his ears he would start biting me in protest.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Seven

It feels like forever ago that I just wrote about life, you know? Like, what I'm doing, what I'm planning, the ordinary stuff that isn't always post-worthy but is the reality of what I get up to. I love these Just a Moment posts for getting a bit more personal, but I wonder if maybe I should make a general catch-up post more of a fixed feature here on Nishaantishu? Something to think about... Anyway, for the time being, here are a few moments from the past few weeks that have made me extra happy:

1. Molly as always with her cute little face. But don't let that fool you! She can be so cheeky and a little bit naughty. When I call her in the park to come home, she knows what's going on and starts running towards me, stops five feet short, and trots off in a different direction. Only my super-stern voice gets her back and she walks at a snails pace those last few feet. Moody little...

2. Meeting Teddy (Rosie's dog) a few weeks ago, he was just as cute and just as wiggly as I hoped he would be. And he's so well behaved! Molly, take some notes.

3. Photo shoots in the park with Tania. I love love love that we have light in the evenings now. It means I can work and come home and still have time to take some photos. I can tell it's going to be a summer of photo shoots and I CAN'T WAIT!

4. This light. It's been storming on and off so much lately that occasionally the clouds will clear and the sun will peek through only to be engulfed again. I saw the light poking through on my way to the shower last week, and the next thing I knew, Adam had come home to find me perched by the window in my towel with my camera waiting for that light to appear again. Ok now that I write all that down I realise how crazy it sounds...

5. Our garden is at its best in the spring time. First the magnolia tree, then the wisteria bloom. The newts in the pond, the birds nesting in our back door, us having coffee in the mornings out back in the pagoda. I don't think many houses in London have such a beautiful view, and it's mostly in the spring that I'm reminded of how lucky we are to be able to spend time here.

That's it for now! I've got some fun news to share with you next Friday so keep a look out and have a wonderful weekend!

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Six

These past two weeks I have spent my weekends outside of the city, and in the gorgeous countryside. Two weeks ago I was in Lancashire, last week was the New Forest, and this weekend it will be my sofa - and I'll tell you right now I'm not moving from there.

I love traveling around the countryside, but I always look forward to a weekend where I have plans that involve just coffee or dinner with good friends, and hanging around with Adam the rest of the time. I'm going to watch more Game of Thrones, read some books, do some yoga, write some posts... it's going to be glorious.

But from the past two weeks, here are some wonderful moments that really stood out as making my life extra wonderful...

1. Finding this photo on my hard drive last night from a few weeks ago. So often I dismiss my photos as not being good enough to post, and then when I come across them at a later date I'm shocked that it's my photo - it's better than I thought! I guess for me they get better with age or something.

2. This evening light in my mum's back garden. And those flowers.

3. Cream cheese swirl brownies. Whoever thought of putting cheese and brownie mix together should be proclaimed as the second messiah. 

4. These two little calves snoozing on each other. Every day I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against vegetarianism. And then I know it'll be a slippery slope to becoming vegan. I've already cut back on most meat and dairy in my daily life and maybe that'll be enough for me, but I'm not sure how I'll find the willpower to commit. We'll see.

5. This smug look on Molly's face that just says "you know some of that mud on my feet is going to be sheep poop, right? Lolz for you."

A few other things from around the internet lately...

:: I LOVED this article on living with adult ADHD by Wit & Delight. When I was a kid the diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) along with medication was thrown at every kid who was fidgety or didn't learn in the same way the school system said they should. These days I think we know more about it, but it was interesting to read something from the perspective of someone who has it.

:: I discovered this blog last month, and while I'm not often taken by fashion blogs (there are a few I love but not loads), I've really been enjoying Sarah Mikaela's. 

:: This love letter by Paul Éluard read by Clémence Poséy. Makes me swoon.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Five

This has been the most unexpected week. It's only Wednesday but it feels like Friday has come and gone so many times already. I've been sick and stuck in bed since Sunday and I can't remember the last time I was so ill, but the last time I remember having such a bad throat infection was when I was about twelve and I was off school for a week with my mum to take care of me. Now I've been off work for three days and have Adam take care of me in the evenings and Tania to bring me all the medicine and cheerful chats I could ever need.

I haven't touched my computer in four days, but luckily enough I have some extra photos to tide us over for a longer than usual Just a Moment post...

1:: The White Company sent over this delicious smelling candle and it has since been making our bedroom smell like spring. I've started lighting it first thing in the morning while I get ready for the day and it sets a very calm and relaxed mood. I've also been using their sent diffuser in my closet which I know not what you're meant to do with it, but it's giving all my clothes such a wonderful smell.

2:: I saw this woman exercising in the park and I really wanted to just clap and cheer her on. She didn't have any of the latest Nike gear, she wasn't in skin-tight anything, she was just power walking and stretching as she went because it was good for her (I assume) and the sun was shining.

3:: I met up with Adam and Molly on the lock near Cat and Mutton Bridge after their walk the other day, and found them both basking in the spring sunshine. 

4:: Me looking like I'm too cool for anything when in reality Adam caught me by surprise with the camera and I'm secretly wishing I had bothered to wash my hair before coming out. 

5, 6, 7, 8:: flowers flowers and more flowers. It gets to a point in the winter where we really don't want to voyage to Columbia Road Flower Market because it's just too cold, but now that it's warming up our little flat will be full of flowers once again.

9:: Molly striking a pose while walking through the market. She secretly hates going to the market because of the crowds, but I think she also kind of loves it because people are constantly stopping and telling her how beautiful she is.

10:: Siobhan stopped by unexpectedly the other day because she was shooting a wedding around the corner. When I realised I told her to come over for a cup of tea and she brought with her the brides bouquet. As it turns out the bride didn't want it and neither did Siobhan, so that's how I ended up with the bouquet of a bride I've never met in my living room. 

Just a few moments to hold on to while I lay curled up in bed wishing I could just be healthy again.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Four

It's been a while since I've done a Just a Moment post - too long! I think I need to do just a general life catch up post for another day, but for now here are a few moments that have made me smile over the past few months...

1 :: My craving for sweet things has been through the roof lately. One week I ate seven brownies - I just can't get enough! I don't know where these cravings are coming from but as someone who doesn't usually go for sweet stuff, I'm really enjoying it!

2 :: Having my beautiful friend Tania back from Australia is pretty great, but having her show up on my doorstep with flowers and a determination to get me out of the house for some fresh air and cake when I had an awful cold - so much love for this girl and how caring she is.

3 :: Days spent with Tania and Rosie, I know I've been mentioning these girls a lot lately but I'm just so glad to have them in my life - and Tania's sister Lizzie too, when we can get her to London :)

4 :: Guys, this is my family. How funny is that? I'm still getting used to the fact that Adam, Molly and I are a little family unit all to ourselves. Obviously with a fantastic wider family, but I'm still getting used to being part of a smaller, brand new one.

5 :: Candles, candles, candles. I'm loving this new ritual of going to the market to choose a new one every time our old one runs out - I had never seen this one for sale before and it's my new favourite.

6 :: FINALLY publishing my photography portfolio. I can't even begin to wrap my head around how kind everyone has been about it, the comments, emails, tweets and private messages of support have completely overwhelmed me. I wish I could buy each of you some cake and tea and tell you how much good you've done through your support.

Other wonderful moments to remember...

:: Adam and I spent a wonderful evening watching Amelie and eating homemade tomato soup a while ago. That film is always worth a re-watch.

:: This flight track from Cereal has been on repeat at work since before Christmas. It helps me concentrate but it also is prodding my travel bug out of hibernation - hip hip hooray for trips to come!

:: I took the leap and signed up for premium skillshare membership. There's no better feeling than investing in yourself, I say! I took so many wonderful classes on that space last year that I think it's totally worth it.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Four

1:: Christmas tree shopping!!! I always wish we could spend more time inspecting the trees, it used to take us hours to pick one when I was little, these days I feel a bit silly taking too much time to look for the 'perfect tree'. But we always manage to come home with a good one anyway.

2:: Molly does this every time we leave the house - don't leave me! Also, somehow, this year our Christmas tree lights don't match and it's really bothering me - you may or may not be able to see them in the background.

3:: Bacon!!!

4:: I'm all about the apple and pear mixes these days. Juice, crumble, whatever - i'm eating it!

Other exciting things

:: Tahini in hot chocolate? How amazing does that sound?

:: Tania will be landing back in England any moment now after a YEAR of being away. Can't. Hardly. Wait.

:: I've been finding a lot of peace in my Pinterest boards lately, which means lots and lots of new pins - it still seems weird to me how inspiring sorting a bunch of beautiful photos can be, but for whatever reason, they make me happy.

:: Making plans for this years travel adventures with Adam. Nothing in the world makes me happier, fills my heart with joy, near on makes me burst with excitement, than traveling with him.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Three

1:: Winter greens come in such delightful colours, don't they? How would one go about cooking these things anyway. They look like something I would like to eat, but I'm just not sure how.

2:: These mushrooms made the BEST risotto. I think it was because they were so fresh, but also because I used real chicken stock to make the risotto and in my mind that makes all the difference. Should I do a recipe post? 

3:: From my office the rain makes everything gloomy, but it's nice to know that somewhere not too far away it's making things quite beautiful.

4:: It was new candle time last weekend! Boring old Freya got the same candle as I got last month, but you just cannot beat that apple cinnamon smell. What can I say, I know what I like!

5:: We spotted clementine curd in the market the other week and I need to pop back and pick some up. I'm sure it'll be delicious. 

Other exciting things:

::  I had someone be quite harsh to me about a dream I hold quite close to my heart this week. But instead of feeling crushed, I felt tougher! I could clearly see the wrongs and rights of it, and the fact that it didn't make me feel deterred makes me feel pretty amazing - usually I'm so sensitive. Also it made me want to work harder to get what I want, much like this dog.

:: Daniel Kitson's show at the Battersea Arts Center. It was so wonderful and so Christmassy and so uplifting. It was sad in bits, but mostly funny, and I really appreciate how much he swears on stage. I think people who just stand there and drop the F bomb for the sake of comedy are hilarious - mostly because I have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy.

:: Today is my office Christmas Party and I complete forgot. I came in early so I could leave early but I guess that isn't happening now. Hooray for early morning bedtimes when you've had an early morning start! Also, I forgot to even put makeup on today and it's a hair-washing evening tonight so... I look wonderful! It's these sorts of situations I get myself into that I find absolutely hilarious.

:: Thank you so much for all your kind advice on yesterday's post. Each and every comment really helped, I've already started putting some of your suggestions to good use and I plan on trying each and every one to beat those winter blues. I may not know you in person, but you're a good friend :)

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Two

1 :: I finally picked up the candle I've been eyeing ever since October at Netil Market, it makes our whole house smell like apple pie, and you know how fond I am of pie!

2 :: Maybe not the most thrilling thing in the world, but after about a year and a half I finally figured out that there was a much easier way for me to get into work than the route I have been taking for so long. Anything that makes the dreaded commute a little easier is a win in my books.

3 :: Meeting lovely blogger friends for brunch at Dishoom over the weekend. I cannot reiterate enough how much I love blogging for bringing these girls into my life, they are just the most wonderful people. 

4 :: I'm in full blown Jane Eyre mode, I only just started reading it this week, curled up on the sofa in a blanket with my new candle burning. It's moments like these that make the cold weather just so glorious.

5 :: We saw The Staves play the final show of their tour in London a little while ago. I think we've seen them three or four times now and each time they give me goosebumps. Their music is lovely, but live they are just something else. 

Other things I've been enjoying this week:

:: The daily email newsletter from theSkimm - I just love the way they package current events, so digestible. 

:: I took this Skillshare class on documentary photography by Ami Vitale - you know, just the most amazing National Geographic photographer there is? It was really good :)

:: I had my first Starbucks gingerbread latte this week - that was a pretty special moment.

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Just a Moment :: twenty one

1 :: The weather lately has been something else, hasn't it? One minute it's so so hot, the next it's humid, and the next it's thunder and lightning. It's made for some incredible light though, and I love the way it lights up the houses across the street every evening. 

2 :: Pancakes part two! I have been perfecting my pancake making abilities and I think I'm getting better, if only a little bit. I mixed things up a little by adding some honey stewed peaches and some Greek yogurt as extra toppings.

3 :: Some flowers captured on my way home from Angel on Saturday afternoon. Flowers are everywhere in my neighborhood at the minute. 

4 :: I cheated on my no caffeine streak (not for the first time I have to admit) with an iced coffee on Sunday morning.

5/6 :: I took my friend to Hackney City Farm for the first time, and she loved it! We took a selfie with a donkey. 

7 :: Pizza in the park with some beers while it thundered above us and got ready to rain. We made it inside before it started pouring though! And Molly is being super cuddly at the moment because she's started to get sick again. My poor pup. 

8 :: Sunday's flower market haul.

Some other wonderful things not pictured:

:: I slept for 11 and a half hours on Saturday night, it was amazing! I haven't done that in years.

:: I'm currently eating porridge with peaches to celebrate the fact that it's marginally cooler today which means a hot breakfast is called for. 

:: Today marks the start of a thirteen week fitness countdown. Adam and I have thirteen weeks to get fit and healthy for this wedding, so it's time to start. Cue confused face because I am not one to exercise beyond the occasional yoga and horseback riding. If anyone has any fitness and diet tips, please do share!

Just a Moment :: twenty

Just a few moments to remember from this past week. 

1 :: Adam needs glasses - this is his "I wear glasses now so I have to be serious" face. I'm just a little bit jealous because I think I would look really good in glasses! But I don't actually need them so for now he'll have to be the "serious" one in this relationship. Ha!

2 :: This little boy spotted in the park - his parents tried to take the beer cans away from him but he wouldn't hear of it! He got so upset that they had to give them back. 

3 :: We had brunch at Market Cafe on Sunday, which is located at the end of Broadway Market. I've always wanted to go and we finally made it! I had eggs benedict and they were so delicious, the best I've had in a long time. Definitely check them out if you're ever in the neighbourhood, they look like they do good brunch cocktails too. 

4 :: On Saturday we went to have our wedding bands fitted, to see what they look like in wax first before they're cast. That lovely lady who is making them for us also happens to own the sweetest little dog.

5 :: You are never too old for sleepovers!! On Friday I went to an epic sleepover and BBQ hosted by my wonderful friend Emily. We stayed up too late, had a bit too much gin, and dressed up in our onesies. These girls keep me laughing non-stop!

6 :: Adam took me for a recovery smoothie on the morning after the epic sleepover. My favourite smoothie of all time is from Health Stuff on Dalston Lane and it's called the blueberry breakfast. It's made up of: blueberries, a handful of oats, honey, banana and milk. It's delicious and fills you up when you're feeling a little too rough for food, while re-hydrating you. The hungover breakfast of champions! Or, you know, girls who can't drink.

Just a Moment :: nineteen

I can't believe the last time I did a Just a Moment post was in January! I haven't been very good at carrying my camera around with me lately, unless I have something specific to shoot. I've slipped into some bad habits that I'm hoping to break by bringing a bit of life back to this series. So here we go with a few moments from the past few weeks:

The moment I finally made a decent pancake! I'm so awful at pancakes, I burn them every time, dry them out and more often than not they're just not fit to eat. But last weekend I took extra care and managed to finally get that golden brown colour I've been trying so hard to achieve for so long.

Catching up with my love, Tats. We first bonded over our mutual love for Guinness and she has quickly become one of my favourite people. If you are lucky enough to meet her and make her your friend, never let her go because she is one of those rare people who cares - I mean, really cares! In fact, I think tomorrow is our one year friendaversary! This calls for cupcakes!

When I first saw that they are regrowing the flower field in London Fields. I wish it could somehow take over the whole of the park, an then the whole of Hackney and even the City of London. A girl can dream!

Did you see the sky last night? London was on fire with moody skies, dramatic sunsets and beautiful light. It's not often that we get such beautiful light and Adam and I took the opportunity to go for a walk with Molly to soak it all in. It's not often you get to see a double rainbow after all!

Just a Moment - ninteen

A few special moments from my life over the past few weeks.

In the park the other day Molly sat watching another dog chasing a ball for about ten minutes. She inched closer and closer until she was right in the path of the ball and could easily swoop in and pinch it. She's such a thief! 

Adam trying his best not to laugh. Helped on be me saying "don't laugh, don't laugh!!". We don't often spend time hanging out in the pub, but we should! We always have such a good time.

You know, before we got Molly I was looking at a British Bull Dog who was also up for adoption. I keep saying to Adam that if we ever get another dog it has to be a British Bull Dog - just look at this one! Spotted the other day in Broadway Market. 

We are huge fans of the butchers board at The Royal Oak in Columbia road. The best is when you get a seat at the bar and order one of these to share. Really though we should just order one each, we always end up fighting over the last gherkin. 

Molly has quite the leap in her! Sometimes if she's really happy she'll just jump up in the air, like she just can't contain herself and she needs to leap for joy. It's funny to occasionally see her running around the park and jumping up in the air - she looks like a little rabbit.

Oh how I miss those days where I could walk around in my pyjamas all day and call them trousers, and I needed no other shoes but wellies. The Christmas Holidays seem so much further away than they actually are. Why don't we get as much time off work for Easter as we do for Christmas, can someone explain this to me?

Catch up on more moments here.

Just a Moment (is back!) - eighteen

Just a moment is back! I took a bit of a break from this series because it felt a bit forced to come up with five moments a week to mention, something about the routine of it didn't seem right because really great, spontaneous moments don't make a habit of working to a schedule. So I'm going to continue to collect moments to post about, but it may not happen on a weekly basis.

Here have been some really great moments over the past few months...

Poor Molly-loo, she is getting a lot of baths these days since all this rain has turned everything to mud. She's so good about taking baths, but her rather pained expression shows how she really feels.

We went through a phase of eating kale chips almost every night. We tried every topping from bbq to honey and soy sauce - in the end we decided that brown sugar and flaked sea salt is the best.

My friend Eve (right) and I took a day off to spend the day with Emily (left) because we thought she could do with some cheering up. We had a wonderful day hanging out in St Albans, having tea, shopping, and stopping off for some mulled wine before heading home.

These girls: they gathered together to sing in Broadway Market and were so shy and awkward in a really cute way. And they really could sing! I don't think they were doing it to collect money or anything, just for the fun of it.

This sweet little puppy was jumping all over the place on Columbia Road at the flower market, trying to sniff everything all at once. It makes me wish I knew Molly as a puppy, I bet she was a shy little puff-ball.

I can't believe I get to marry a man who takes me out, buys me flowers and a pint. It definitely makes me feel like I'm winning.

We've been buying our bread from E5 Bakehouse almost every weekend for the past few months. We only just discovered the place and we are addicted to their Hackney Wild loaf! Also loving my new Brat&Suzie leggings sent to me by Surfdome.

Just a Moment - seventeen

Some weeks it's hard to find a moment to pause and think about what's going on, everything mixes together and it's hard to tell the good from the bad. So this weekend I made a real effort to do some fun stuff and create some good moments.


This year Adam and I have decided to do Halloween properly. We bought some pumpkins and soon we'll get some candy - I really hope we get some trick-or-treaters. I even bought a "scary" movie to watch and I can't wait, Halloween used to be my favourite holiday when I was little and I've been neglecting these past few years.


I've been loving walks with Molly lately, I look forward to an hour in the park every day especially after spending all day in the office. The air is so fresh and everything looks so pretty with leaves everywhere - I wish I could spend all day every day outside in my wellies.


Chips in a paper wrapper eaten outside just before it rains, covered in salt and vinegar. The tastiest chips I've had in a very long time.


I'm planning on starting a winter garden on my back porch with a few herbs and plants that won't mind the cold. I've started with this heather and I'm hoping to get some rosemary and thyme - do you have any advice on plants that will survive the winter?


I'm so happy that it's stew season again. My Mum practically raised us on stews and I love making a massive one on a Sunday and having it last all week long - I never get tired of it and thankfully neither does Adam. This is a slow cooked venison stew with dumplings, so yummy.

Another moment not pictured because I forgot my camera card: spending Sunday with some of my favourite blogger friends running around Shoreditch on The Photo Hunt, an event organised by some more of my favourite blogger friends. And we won! Go team Drunken Reindeers!

It was a tough week, that's for sure, but it was a good weekend that more than made up for it. Now Adam and I are sat on the sofa watching Ghost Busters and planning on getting an early night. What was the best moment from your week?

Just a Moment - sixteen

So much has happened in the past week or so that it would be impossible to pick just five amazing moments. Obviously getting engaged is the best moment, but here are a few little ones from Italy that were pretty great.

Our first night in Italy, Adam surprised me by taking me to a spa! We spent two days floating in thermal waters, I had a massage and also a scrub... I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed and happy.

Just spending time with Adam, exploring a new country and getting used to the fact that we're actually going to be married some day soon!

We got to spend some time with Adam's sister, her husband and baby Felix in Italy too. They were there with family on holiday and we had such a fun time with them - and baby Felix has the most infectious little giggle.

Gelato! Summer was most definitely over in Tuscany but that didn't stop us from cramming in as much gelato as we possibly could.

One of the best moments was when we explored this little town on the side of a mountain. There were more cats living there than people! But more on that soon.

Have you had a good week? What was your best moment? I feel like I've been away for ages and haven't had any time to catch up with other blogs - send me your links?

Just a Moment - fifteen

This week has been mostly about Molly, getting her settled and working on her training. There's nothing I would be rather doing though, because she's just the sweetest. So here are a few Molly moments, and some other ones too...


This girl loves a cuddle. She's good and doesn't ask to get on the sofa, but she is just happiest when she's as close as she can possibly be to you. She's such a love. And there's nothing that makes me happier than curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas with Adam and our pup.


Meeting my friend Eve for vegan hot chocolate. I'm not a vegan but she is and I have to say this vegan hot chocolate business is pretty good! Especially with rose sugar on top.


Going for a walk around the cemetery in Stoke Newington. It's the creepiest cemetery because as you can see it must have zombies, but it's also the most beautiful. Walking around it made me really excited for halloween next month. If we can get Molly to stop barking at everyone coming through the door we're going to carve some pumpkins and get some sweets for trick-or-treaters - if there are any around here, that is.


Molly had her first bath this week. She was pretty filthy when we got her and had dreadlocks all around her mouth and ears, so it was time for her to have a bit of a groom. She wasn't very happy about it though and had a good pout for the rest of the day.


Adam came up with a clever solution to fill our non-working fireplace. It generates a lot of heat actually, and it just makes spending a rainy afternoon at home wrapped up with a blanket one of the loveliest things to do.

I'm coming round to this cold weather business, actually. Any opportunity to get cozey. How was your week?