Travels in Iceland :: Day Three and the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle in Iceland is very much a classic tourist activity, but it's kind of a must. When we went there were loads of tourist buses making the rounds and people snapping away with selfie-sticks, and as much as we like to avoid that kind of scene - sometimes you just can't otherwise you'll seriously miss out. It's popular for a reason, right?

We started out with the geyser which, as predicted, shot straight up in the air after a few minutes. Apparently it didn't go as high as it normally does because it was too cold - immediately the water turned to steam and all my photos turned out to be just white steam against white sky. And the whole thing smelled very sulfuric, which had Adam making funny faces and me laughing like an idiot. It was so amazing to see how boiling water was collecting just under the surface and you can't help but picture all that lava bubbling away not too far below.

Obviously we had lots of fun road tripping, stopping for coffees along the way and just generally goofing around. I couldn't resist a silly handstand shot, which was hilarious because I haven't mastered handstands beyond the two-second-balance-topple since I was about twelve. I have a theory that if I practice handstands every day for the rest of my life I'll still be able to do them when I'm 80.

Next was Gullfoss Waterfall which was immense, beautiful and absolutely freezing! And then we moved on to the Þingvellir National Park where we had been the night before to see if we could catch a second sight of the Norther Lights - we didn't really. Getting too greedy I guess. 

There's something about spending time around nature when it's power is so apparent that always takes my breath away. And the Golden Circle does exactly that, by the end of the day I just put my camera to one side because no photo is ever going to make up for seeing it all with your own eyes.

If you haven't made plans by now to visit Iceland, definitely try to do it if you can. Tomorrow I'll post a list of recommendations of must-do's when planning a trip to Iceland along with some photos of the Blue Lagoon! Which incidentally I didn't realise was a World Wonder until I was sitting in it... Nice one, Freya.

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