Sundays at Home

It's about this time towards the end of February where I can feel myself shutting down a little bit. Getting up in the morning is harder and harder, I give up on making an effort with my outfits and live pretty much in jeans, and the urge to just cosy up at home is overwhelming. I'm not down about it - a long winter just sees me want to sleep my way through it like a bear in hibernation... But because staying home all the time isn't an option, Sundays are now dedicated to leggings and jumpers, cups of tea and homemade bread, and watching the sun trying feebly to poke it's nose through the clouds.

I've always spent a lot of money on candles, but these days I feel like I can't live without them for how much they warm up a room and relax the people in it. I also splashed out on some new incense and sage because why not? And sage is meant to be really good for cleansing a home of negative energy - I don't know about that but it's fun to walk around with it lit saying "cleanse the demons" in a deep booming voice while doing your best zombie impression.

Because that dog of ours must be walked, no matter how cold and dark it is outside, trips to the flower market help immensely to make our home feel a little more loved. They also offer some great foliage for my heard of elephants collected from various countries.

And fresh baked bread, not pictured, because Adam is so wonderful and will bake it for me (usually) whenever I ask. He's so good at it, and it's so delicious and completely worth the effort - unless Molly steals it and wolfs the whole thing before it's even cool. 

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