lover of the light

I sure do love this weather. Just the right combination of warm and chilly, perfect jumper weather. Heavy rain and thunder storms leave the sky clear and the light all clean and bright, just the way I like it - but obviously my windows need a clean. Cloudy skies and wet weather meaning the only reasonable option is to stay indoors and eat blueberry jam on toast.

This kind of weather is cuddle weather. As much as I love summer, it makes cuddling difficult - but these days Adam, Molly and I can all just pile on the sofa and there's little chance of us all over-heating. And to make matters even better, it's soup weather which really just means pho weather.

There are conkers on the ground everywhere and the air smells damp and fresh. The wool blankets are out of the cupboard and living on the sofa, just in case someone needs a little extra warmth in the evenings. Bed socks. Warm pajamas. All the good things.

This weekend was the perfect combination of London fun and home comforts, of rainy mornings and golden evenings. We went to mexican wrestling on Friday night (which was amazing by the way and I can't wait to go back next month), brunch and then dancing till the early hours on Saturday to celebrate a friends 30th, and a pajama day on Sunday with a 9am bedtime and an episode of Midsomer Murders. 

How was your weekend?