A True Story and a Giveaway (closed) :: How to Get in Shape When You Hate Exercise

The person who fist inspired to to learn yoga was my beautiful friend Sara Jane, about ten years ago. I found it so hard I nearly cried right there on my Dad's living room floor. Things are pretty different these days...

The person who fist inspired to to learn yoga was my beautiful friend Sara Jane, about ten years ago. I found it so hard I nearly cried right there on my Dad's living room floor. Things are pretty different these days...

I have a complicated relationship with exercise in that, I hate it. 

I have been meaning to get fit for, oh I don't know, years and years. I don't need to lose weight, but I'm unhealthy due to the quality of food I eat and all the activity I don't do. I may be a small size, but that doesn't mean I automatically look good in a bikini - hello cellulite (I blame the pizza). Also, I'm tired a lot, I lose concentration, I'm moody, I sleep poorly - all symptoms of someone who doesn't exercise enough. 

I've been working really hard on changing this though, for my physical welbeing but also for my mental welbeing. The trouble is, it doesn't work for most people to just suddenly be the sort of person who runs. Or the sort of person who commits to doing a workout DVD after work every day. I never stick to it and that just leaves me feeling even worse about myself! That kind of grand commitment and failure cycle is what's kept me stuck in a health rut for years. 

Now all of a sudden I'm on a countdown to our wedding and it's not so much about looking good, but feeling good on the day. Oh the pressure! I finally just told myself that it doesn't matter what I do, or when I do it, I just need to start moving!

A few months back I discovered the Kickstarter campaign for MyYogaPro. It's an online yoga platform that has tonnes of yoga classes, workshops and short videos on how to do poses from beginner level to advanced. All classes are taught by Erin Motz who just seems like a nice, normal yogi - she's easy to follow, and most importantly she doesn't make you feel like there's a lot of pressure to be perfect at it. 

I first learned about Erin from her 30 day yoga challenge which I tried and failed to commit to. I don't know what made me invest in her Kickstarter project (probably my good intentions), and when it finally launched I spent weeks meaning to suddenly become the sort of person who does yoga every day.  

A few weeks ago I had that panic moment of being on the countdown to our wedding, and that's when I decided to take the pressure off and just start moving. If I was going to dedicate hours to watching Orange is the New Black, maybe I could watch it from the floor while stretching. That I could handle.  

Then I started watching some one or two minute pose explanation videos while simultaneously watching some other rubbish tv. I would try out one pose for a bit until I got bored and wanted to switch to another. After a while I found I was trying out four to five poses during a half an hour to 45 minute tv show.

After a week or two I found that the tv was distracting me from doing the pose correctly, and I started hitting pause on Netflix more often than I hit pause on Erin trying to teach me a pose.  

After that I found myself craving yoga. I liked the novelty of being able to do some crazy pose and I wanted to see how strong I was getting by trying some more challenging poses, requiring my full concentration. Before I knew it, I had cut out the tv altogether and I wasn't just doing one or two minute pose videos, I was doing 15 to 20 minute classes! Then a week later I started doing these classes back to back. And these days I'm up to an hour of yoga a day, if not more. And it all started with me watching crap tv and trying (but failing) to touch my toes.

I've learned that yoga isn't about flexibility and fitness, although those are added benefits. It's about getting in touch with your body and inhabiting every inch of it - as opposed to just living in your stomach and only being aware of how much you crave pizza all the time.

So because I feel like I've made a massive breakthrough, and finally learned to love exercise after years of inactivity - I wanted to share the love and give one of you a membership to MyYogaPro too! Remember, you don't need a yoga mat, you don't need fancy yoga clothes, all you need to do is move a little bit to start with.

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