Loving What You Have

I'm all over the place these days, one minute I'm all excited and enthusiastic with all kinds of plans, the next minute I've crashed and I'm creeping around like a sloth trying not to expend any energy. Being enthusiastic is great, but even though lacking energy is hard, it means you get to take a time out and cuddle on the sofa with the dog while watching rubbish tv. I'm trying to be all about making lemonade these days when life gives me lemons! Although I would much rather have an iced tea. 

And I have a lot to be happy about these days, some good things have happened and I have some good things to look forward to...

:: Adam and I found our wedding rings! I didn't expect to get so happy about this, but when we first knew these rings were right for us it was such a wonderful feeling. We're getting them made by a jewelry maker in one of the Hackney markets and I know it's cliche, but I love that we're getting them made local. We have been so happy in Hackney and I love that we will always have a reminder of that.

:: It's my mum's birthday this weekend and we are going to do so much celebrating. She's coming to London and we have reservations at Duck & Waffle which I know is meant to be amazing. We also want to try and have drinks at the shard on Saturday night, which may turn out to be a bonkers idea but we'll see - has anyone ever tried to have drinks at the shard on a Saturday night?

:: Yellow peonies. Did you know you could get yellow peonies? This was new to me, I was so shocked. Almost as shocked as I was the first time I saw an Okapi and realised there was a mammal in the world I hadn't heard of. Ok that's a peculiar analogy but it was such a delightful surprise!

:: I got to celebrate with Michelle last Friday at her wedding! It was such a wonderful evening and she looked so beautiful. If you would have told me when I started blogging a couple of years ago that I would meet so many amazing people, and that they would like me enough to invite me to one of the most joyous celebrations of their life, I would not have believed you. 

:: And my new design! I love it so much, I am eternally grateful to Bobbi for all her hard work. Thank you for all your kind words about it and about the film I put up yesterday - it was my first attempt at stop motion and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out!