Travels in Japan :: Tokyo and Temples

My favourite thing to do when I'm traveling is just to walk. To just jump on the train to go and explore new neighborhoods, walk through markets, shopping streets, take in a temple or two, and just people watch. I've mentioned before that I have never really been one for ticking off the tourist attractions, I much prefer to get the feel for a place in the way that a person living there would see it - well, as much as I possibly can anyway!

That's not everyone's cup of tea, I know. I've traveled with people before who get out the guide book and follow a well beaten path from monument to museum, and I just get so bored! I got lucky with Adam, in more ways than one of course, but he loves to travel the way I do. He's up for taking a train an hour away just to walk through a new district and get the feel of what it's like to live there - he often expresses how great it would be to see inside the houses too! Which I love. Even though we don't go inside obviously - that would be weird. 

Adam's the sort of traveler to wander down an alleyway and say "hey let's see where this goes!". He's such a jammie dodger because those alleyways always end up somewhere amazing - a tiny bar with the best music or the best ramen you've ever tasted. I am not like that, if I wandered down an alley the way he does I would get murdered for sure. 

Above are a few shots from our wanderings. At the end of sharing our Japan adventures I'll put together a list of our favourite things from the trip so if you ever got to Japan you'll have a bit of a guide of fun things to do.