Blogger Hibernation and Waking Up

Some people who stop by here, I know you have blogs, but other's I'm not so sure. I've been thinking lately that Blogger Hibernation really must be a thing, and if it's not I'm declaring it a thing right here and now because I'm convinced it really does exist. There's something about blogging between the months of January and March that is just so hard for me! I've found that my desire to blog is no less strong, but my ability to do it is just like trying to walk through mud - it's a bit of struggle! There's no light, there's no warmth, there's no desire to do anything but burrow down into my blankets and keep warm.

But each time the spring comes around it's like being woken up again, and it feels so good to dust off my camera and start to see the beauty in things all around me. Because I'm at a desk nine to five, I need there to be light when I leave work otherwise five whole days will go by with no chance to photograph what I'm loving about life lately. 

I know I'm not the only one to shut down a little during the winter, but to feel like the process of infusing joy into my posts is forced, it just feels so inauthentic and it's not a good feeling to post something that feels not quite you. But it's a dilemma because I don't want to not post, and I don't want to post three times a week about how much I hate changing out of my pajamas in the morning because I'm freezing my bits off (you know, a complainy sort of post), and it is so hard to write a post about happy stuff when that happiness consistently comes from putting my pajamas back on at the end of the day!

You might ask "why just not post if it feels like it's not coming naturally?". And the answer is because I love my blog, and I love posting even when it's hard. I love the routine of it, I think a bit of accountability is good for me, I love connecting with people, I love trying to see the good in every day even if it feels like I have to pry it out of my mind with a crowbar. I love photography and the feeling that slowly but surely I'm getting better, and I love it when I look at a post that I've put a lot of work into and it just feels like this beautiful little thing that I've created.

So today I'm happy for the lighter evenings and the fact that I can walk Molly after work with my camera in hand, taking photos as we walk through our neighborhood. I'm happy that my creativity feels like it's moving again and I have about 10 blog drafts on the go with lots of ideas that I can't wait to work on. I'm happy for a bit of motivation to reach out to other bloggers across the world about collaborations, and I'm so thankful for their kind responses. I'm just thankful in general at the moment, and it feels pretty good. 

Happy Friday, have the best weekend.xx