Market Finds and Indoor Picnics

I did say that this past weekend was all about food, and I wasn't kidding. I ate a lot, shopped for food a lot, and talked about it even more. After eating my way through Saturday morning, I headed home for a bit of a rest before going to meet my lovely Rosie at Borough Market.

Even though I work within walking distance of Borough Market, I hardly ever go. But it's had a makeover since I was last there and it's really become a photographers paradise. I did end up spending £6 on a massive ball of Buffalo Mozzarella, but it tasted so amazingly good that it was totally worth it. I also bought some delicious looking asparagus (I say delicious looking because it turned out to be not so delicious), some garlic smoked sun-dried tomatoes which are my favourite, and some Monmouth coffee for Adam.

Rosie is one of my favourite people of all time and when I'm in a bit of a grump (which I kind of was) there is no one I would rather be with - she just makes me laugh non-stop and is just the sort of person you can really be yourself around, you know? We shopped and talked and had a coffee, then we made our way down the South Bank. We are both in wedding organising mode, which is perfect because I know she's going to be as bonkers about wedding planning as I have been. 

And speaking of weddings and food, much of this weekend was spent trying to figure out what exactly we are going to feed people who have flown all the way to Bermuda to celebrate with us. Adam and I talked about it a lot this weekend while we had a picnic on our livingroom floor with all my Borough Market finds, and oh wow, this wedding stuff not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

*photo of me by Rosie.