Life Lately in Numbers


3 :: the number of times I ate macaroni and cheese for dinner last week.

2 :: glorious hours spent cantering through Windsor Great Park on horseback. My pony's name was Banjo and he was way faster than any of the horses we were out with.

1 :: pair of new trainers bought for upcoming travel adventures that require comfortable footwear (on sale too!).

6 :: plane tickets bought in the past month.

400 :: (estimated) panic attacks at the amount of money spent on plane tickets in the past month.

4 :: hours skyping with some of my favourite people over the weekend.

6 :: hours spent watching Parks and Recreation in bed this past week.

45 :: minutes spent rushing around a wedding fair this weekend which was actually a lot of fun!

1 :: slice of strawberry pound cake consumed post wedding fair with a cup of tea while sifting through all the flyers and business cards we collected.

5 :: hours (estimate) spent dreaming over a new lens for my camera and wondering how I can possibly scrape the money together to buy it.

2 :: times I've painted my nails this week - pink and purple, loving pastels for spring!

1 :: fit of hysterical laughter when I annoyed Adam so much at bed time by not getting out of his spot that he sat on me until I promised to move.

5 :: times this week I've stopped and on my walk with Molly to appreciate the springtime evening light - isn't it so beautiful this time of year?

3 :: daydreams about learning to play the banjo.

*idea for numbers post borrowed from Rosie.