Bermuda in Numbers


2 :: the amount of times I watched Frozen on the flight over.

2 :: the amount of times I watched Frozen on the flight home... I know, I know...

1 :: the amount of times I cried while eating a cheese sandwich and watching Saving Mr Banks. I'm all about the inflight entertainment.

4 :: caterers interviewed + 15 :: (roughly) heart palpitations when we received a quote from our favorite caterers. We have most definitely been naive about how much weddings cost. 

3 :: the amount of times we went swimming in the ocean. Which is pretty good for Bermuda in April, it can be chilly! 

47 :: sunset photos taken on my iPhone.  

9 :: different kinds of wines tasted for the wedding. For the recourd, an affordable American wine does not taste the same as an affordable European wine.  

16 :: (roughly) the amount of ice creams tasted to go with our wedding cake. Give me an ice cream tasting over a wine tasting any day of the week!

4 :: the amount of times my mum and I went into town to do chores and ended up stress eating frozen yoghurt or sushi.

1 :: evening spent in fits of laughter over dinner.  

110 :: new freckles gained in the Bermuda sunshine.