For Springtime in the Fields :: a Jumper and Jeans

Jumper I'm Wearing || More Green Jumpers

Jeans I'm Wearing || More Black Jeans   

It's sunny but it's cold, it's grey but it's warm, spring time can be a really confusing time. The amount of times this week I've left the house only to regret wearing my light spring jacket - the sunshine is telling me lies and it's just not warm enough. Or just the other day I walked to Columbia Road and was way too hot with a scarf, but way too cold without it. Confusing times.

Towards the end of winter and at the start of spring my daily uniform is a jumper and jeans. Not exactly inspired I know, but I love how with a simple jumper and jeans combo you can be feminine: a pastel jumper, light jeans and a ponytail; androgynous: with a tight jumper, collard shirt and brogues; or even sultry: low cut jumper, killer heels and skinnies anyone?

I've been a big fan of dark green lately, worn with dark grey jeans and a bright red lipstick. On slightly greyer days there's something about a dark green that makes me feel like I belong in the wild.

On another note, I thought I would try out an outfit style post, what do you guys think? I got a camera remote a little while ago and this was the result of me learning to use it. I've never tried a self photo shoot before, and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't sure what to do with the pictures I took and I felt a little self conscious about posting photos like this on here, but I thought... what the hell! Why not? I feel all Catherine in Wuthering Heights.

Oh, and with this outfit above I wore wellies because the fields are still soggy up north. Outfit post fail.