Jaipur from the Back of a Tuk Tuk

Have I mentioned how crazy the traffic in India is? I've never experienced anything like it. At first I was terrified, but everyone else just seemed to go with it and after a while I learned to also.

When we were in Jaipur we spent a lot of our time traveling about by tuk tuk. My mum had been in The city for a few months and had made quite good friends with a young tuk tuk driver named Mukesh. He was so lovely and friendly, very patient with us and very keen to show us the best parts of Jaipur. And he eventually took us home to meet his wife and kids. He knew I was getting married so he wanted to show us his wedding album and talk us through Indian wedding traditions. His wife ended up dressing me up in her sari and they found it hysterical that I had a fringe covering my face - they called me the "hairy bride"!

Traveling along at such a quick pace in a tuk tuk I saw so many photos I wished I could have taken. In such a photogenic place as India it's hard not to see everything as a photo opportunity! These photos are a few bits and pieces I managed to snap as we were weaving in and out of traffic.  

I love capturing just the everyday life of people when they're not noticing. I like catching them in a genuine moment. But often in India, if they saw me photographing them, they would stop me so they could have a bit of time to arrange themselves and smile. And then sometimes ask for money, which I guess is fair enough.

I've traveled in places where I had to be really careful about taking photos of people, like in  parts of Africa. Some people don't like having a camera in their face and I totally get that, I think there are ways of getting the photo you want without being invasive. But India was different. In the rural communities where I was working the women were too shy at first, they would pull their saris across their eyes and look away. But they were keen to have their children photographed, and once I showed them the result on my screen they were up for giving it a go themselves. 

Traveling by tuk tuk was really great for a bit of drive by photography.