Published: 91 Magazine, Issue 8

Just before I left for India, Catherine (from Sprunting) asked me if I would take some photos for an article she was writing for 91 Magazine

I was quite shocked at first, the idea that she would consider me was so thrilling. It never occurred to me that my photos would ever go into a magazine, or that anyone would think they should. I only started taking photography seriously about a year ago through a desire to create better content for this blog. I never really noticed because it happened so gradually, but after a quick lesson last summer (with Michelle on Eat & Snap) and a lot (A LOT) of practice, photography turned into a real passion. I was also really lucky to be able to take a camera training with Anna Fawcus, who told me I have lots of talent and potential - she actually asked me to keep sending her photos so she could watch how I progress - cue massive cheesy grin! 

I was quite nervous as the day approached. But I had met Catherine before and she's so lovely, I knew that we were both kind of new at this and would figure it out together. And we did! We had loads of fun, I crawled into her bathtub to get a good shot, she worked her magic styling some beautiful interior shots with copper, and we chatted away the whole time. It was such a fun day.

You can download a copy of issue 8 here, for £2. It's a really great read!