A Weekend of Road Trips, Flowers and Walks on the Beach

I really love road trips with Adam, they're so fun. He catches me up on all his latest favourite music while I look out for the closest service stop with a McDonald's. Then we drive for hours and play the best car games, such as: who would you rather be, Beyonce or David Attenborough?

We promised my mum we would paint her kitchen, so in between trips to B&Q for paint and brushes, we watched films and camped on the livingroom floor in front of the fire. I played around with my new camera remote and then Adam, Molly and I took a couple of mini road trips, one to Beacon Fell which is a park near my mum's house, and the other to the beach near Carnforth on the north west coast.

We stopped by a cafe for a hot chocolate and some muffins and then took a walk on the beach. While everyone back in the city was sunning themselves in the park, Adam and I were freezing our faces off up north where the sun did not shine once. But it was so much fun. And the best part was seeing Molly on the beach! We've never taken her to the seaside before and I think it is by far her favourite place for a walk, I've never seen her so happy. I love seeing her experience things for the first time - or, what we assume is her first time. 

What with Molly running around like she's lost her marbles, and Adam with his silly car games, these two have me laughing pretty much non-stop.

But tell me, who would you rather be, Beyonce or David Attenborough?