Pinterest: Cleaning House and Sprucing Things Up a Bit

A couple of weeks ago when I was getting over my Pakistan jetlag and had a few extra hours in the early morning, I decided to give my Pinterest account a makeover. Did you know that I have been pinning for much much longer than I have been blogging? It all started when Adam was writing his dissertation and I was bored out of my tree one summer. He came home and told me about this new website that had just launched, and maybe I would like it. I did like it. A lot. And I haven't looked back since.

If I had known what a massive undertaking reorganising a Pinterest account would be, I probably would have thought twice about doing it. But once I got into it I couldn't undo what I had started, so I just had to see it through. I'm pretty proud of the result so I thought I would introduce you to a few more boards that I have set up. These boards are only the start, head on over to my Pinterest account to see the rest.

>> a beautiful simple life <<

This is where I pin all my life inspiration. All these images remind me what I want out of life, they remind me to slow down and enjoy the every day little things. They also remind me of the direction I want to be heading in and spending time pinning to this board makes me feel peaceful, but also excited about the future and looking forward to building on my (already quite amazing) life.


>> simple style <<

This is where I pin my every day style inspiration. I have quite a messy, effortless approach to style. I often wish that I made more of an effort to look ladylike and put together, and I do have a board to inspire me to do that too (called ladylike, actually), but day to day I'm more comfortable in a pair of jeans and an old tshirt than I am in any kind of designer label - I'm far too messy for high end fashion. 


Lupine-Dress-Top_006__82685_zoom copy.jpg

>> dream home and garden <<

This board is all about aspirational pinning. The homes and gardens I love are completely opposite to my every day style - I have some serious mansions on this board! But then I also have lots of beach shacks by the ocean and cottages on lakes. I have no idea what my future house will look like, or even what country it'll be in, but I hope it is NOT in a suburb and I hope it IS endowed with an amazing garden.


>> food <<

This is a handy little board for looking at when I'm not sure what to cook. I find food photography to be so interesting because having tried to do it a bit in the past, it's actually quite difficult! I love pictures of food that inspire me to eat healthy, but also really savor those times that I bake something really indulgent. Like cinnamon rolls. Mmmmm, cinnamon rolls. I may have to bake some this weekend.


>> the places we will go <<

This is on of my favourite boards, it's my travel inspiration board. I'm bound and determined to tick off every country pictured on this board before I die. And the ones I have been to without Adam don't count, like Morocco and Hong Kong for example, so I have to go to all of them again. These are the rules! :)



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