Brunch at Rosie's Cafe in Brixton and Some Thoughts on Friendship

I’m never really sure how I got along in life before I had my blog. What did I do with my evenings when I wasn't out? What did I carry in my bag when I didn't have my camera taking up all the room? Where did I get my creative ideas, my inspiration, and my motivation?

Having a blog allows me to manifest all my best qualities - blogging about what I like and what inspires me, it helps me bring those likes and inspirations into my life like a great big magnet. It helps me put my dreams out there, and then before I know it they’re starting to happen in reality.

I’m also never really sure how I got on in life before I met my blogging friends. I’m not sure how we established an almost-monthly brunch to chat all things blog related, and then not blog related, mostly personal, and then mostly inspirational…

Last weekend I met up with these lovely girls (Che, Catherine, Siobhan, Jo, and Lulu who wasn't there but she was in spirit :) and we talked about so much great stuff! Each one of them is working so hard, SO SO hard on pursuing their dreams. It’s such an inspiration. And they all support each other too!

I blogged not that long ago about what my life was like before London, but I find it so difficult to believe that most creative endeavors in my life used to come entirely from self-motivation. And they still do, but it’s so much easier to motivate yourself with some help from like-minded friends.  

All photos taken at Rosie's Cafe in Brixton where they do a mean grilled cheese with marmite, just so you know.

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