The Story of a Wedding Dress

Ages ago, before our wedding last year and just after we got engaged, I started the process of looking for a wedding dress. There is SO much choice out there, and I really dreaded the whole process because trying on dresses in a shop for me can often feel like playing dress-up. I'm quite little, and putting on a dress off the rails was never going to work for me... or so I thought.

Women who work in bridal shops really know what they're doing. Before I even got a glimpse of myself in the mirror they had pinned a size 12 dress to my size 4/6/8 body and I did not at all look or feel like I was dressing up in my mother's clothing. 

Unfortunately for me I have expensive taste. If you give me a catalog of clothes with no prices I can guarantee you I will pick out the most expensive item. I first fell in love with a £3000 dress and I was not prepared to spend that much on one outfit for one day - no matter how special the day!


So a few months later, when I was in India last year, my mum and I set off on an epic mission to have a wedding dress made. Spoiler alert: it didn't work out, not as we planned anyway.

I'm a little sad when I think of all the work we both, but mostly my mum, put into trying to make it happen. The fabric we chose was kind of alright but not exactly, the tailor we chose had good recommendations and the best intentions but had little experience in wedding dresses, and also deadlines in India are negotiable - always. I think we were just a bit unlucky. But we had so much fun in the process, choosing fabric in Delhi and tracking down a tailor in Jaipur.

We didn't end up with a dress for me to get married in, but we did end up with a beautiful reception dress which I will love forever, and it will always remind me of our wedding dress adventures in India. I don't have the best picture of it from the wedding because from the point I changed into it I did not stop dancing, but it's silk and has the pattern of mangoes on it.

Incidentally, I ordered my dress from BHLDN - they do all the sizes!

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