So, How's Married Life?


So, how's married life?

This is a question I've been asked an awful lot lately. And I mean a lot. And the honest answer is that it's pretty much the same as it was before. With a deeper commitment there is a sense of comfort, but the truth is, I would be a little sad if things had changed. 

We couldn't love each other any more than we did before we got married. We still go to the market every Saturday to buy hot apple cider and browse the stalls talking about all the things we would like to buy for our flat. We still go to Columbia Road almost every Sunday to pick out flowers. Adam still wrestles with Molly while I sit back and laugh. We still binge watch tv shows together without judgement. We still walk Molly together every weekend and bicker over who takes her on her extra walk. I still cook, he still does the dishes. He still gets me takeaway pho when I'm feeling down. I still plan big travel adventures for us every year. We decide on what smelly candles to get together, something I could discuss for hours but Adam's limit is about three minutes. We both equally look forward to picking out a Christmas tree and decorating it. We've made decisions about what we want out of our future and when we want them. But that's how life was before we got married, and we decided to get married so we could carry on with this life we've created for ourselves together, not so that it would change.

We've made plans of course, but truthfully I don't know what the future holds for us. But I hope that whatever we come across, we'll remain unchanged in the way we care for each other. That whatever bought us together in the first place, and whatever normal and silly things we love doing together and for each other will mean the same in forty years as it does now. And no matter how exciting our life goes on to be, I know I'll always take comfort in "pretty much the same", because it's ours and we made it together.

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