Wellbeing :: Thoughts on 'Letting Yourself Go'


Leading up to Bermuda and our wedding, I was on a pretty strict health kick. I was going to the gym three times a week, doing yoga every night, I cut out carbs in most meals, and most importantly I was actually sticking to it, and I felt great!

In Bermuda I was just too nervous and stressed to eat very much at all, of course this made me feel tired and more than a little run down. And then when we got to New York I was determined to eat all the food and drink all the coffee and not give a damn - which I did!

Now that I'm back to my daily life in London, I've kind of kept on with my New York not giving a damn feeling. I eat what I want, when I want and I couldn't care less how my clothes fit - I'm just loving having a stress free time!

But, and there's a big BUT (no pun intended, kind of), I feel like garbage. I'm going out more with friends, having long dinners and lots of cocktails, but I feel just a bit less settled within myself than I did before. I'm tired, I can't concentrate, I can sleep for 11 hours at a time, I have a cough that just won't go away... It wasn't that long ago that I was super healthy and full of the energy I needed to get stuff done. Now my body has become a garbage bin for all my cravings and don't-give-a-damn whims. I've let myself go completely, and while it's nice to not give in to the pressure of trying to cultivate a bikini body, it's also not so nice to feel unhealthy.

Starting now I'm looking to find a balance between giving my body and mind what it needs to be healthy and happy, while not feeling stressed if I accidentally eat pizza three days in a row (yea, that sometimes happens). So here's a list of things I'm planning to do in the next few weeks to help myself become a little more healthy...

:: Investigate some affordable healthy eating options, because why is it that junk food is so much cheaper than healthy food?

:: Find a yoga class near me and be well rested enough on a Saturday morning to go.

:: Bring green smoothies back into my life.

:: If I'm lazing around watching tv, just start from the basics with yoga and just try to get moving - because when did saying to yourself "starting now I'm going to go to the gym every day" ever work? I think you can become the sort of person who exercises daily, but not overnight.

I'll update you on my progress as I go along, tell you what's working for me and what's not, and let you know how I manage to find that balance between care-free and feeling great.

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