Keeping My Head

I arrived a few days ago in Bermuda and have slowly been adjusting to the heat and the time difference. It's been lovely so far and it's always nice to be back on the island, and to finally be getting ready for the wedding. It feels like we've been waiting for this forever!

Getting married in paradise is wonderful, but a wedding is stressful no matter what the location. I'm trying to make sure I do a few things each day that are helping me keep my head.

My Grandparent's house has some pretty amazing views over the creek so I'm making sure to get in some yoga by the ocean whenever I can - followed by a swim in the creek to cool off. 

My mum also has me hooked on this smoothie she's been drinking lately, it's absolutely delicious:

- blueberries

- spinach

- greek yogurt

- flax seed

- a splash of water

- a splash of milk

It may not sound that exciting, but it sets you up for the day like nothing else. That, an apple and a couple of coffees and I've had enough energy for all the admin that needs doing.  

Daily trips to the beach! That's a must. Even if it's just a quick visit between appointments with the florists and the caterers, taking just a moment to play in the waves is wonderful. I swear the ocean had healing powers.  

Taking some time to get my camera out. I've figured out that the two things that make me happiest and keep me calm are yoga, and taking some photos. It seems like an odd combination even to me, but whatever works, right?

These are the thinks keeping me calm in the days running up to the wedding - I just hope I can keep making the time for them!