Life Starts All Over Again When it Gets Crisp in the Fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald

What is it about the Autumn that makes it feel like such a new beginning? There are certain times of the year when I definitely feel more alive than others, and Autumn is one of them. Maybe it's because with all the colours and the beauty of the world around you being more apparent, it forces you into the moment and makes you appreciate the world and your life for what it is, right here, right now. You can't worry about the past or the future when you're too busy staring at the beauty all around you.

This past Friday I got a horrible cold. Saturday was spent on the sofa, wrapped up in blankets with just one trip to the market to pick up hot apple cider. Sunday was a day for fresh air and showing that cold who's in charge. There's nothing like a crisp breeze for cleaning out a stuffy head. Usually a cold makes me feel pretty low and a bit sad within myself, but not this time, and I blame in on the Fall.

Let's see if we can bring that warming summer feeling and the excitement and newness of the fall with us through to the darkest weeks of winter, shall we?