From the Cutting Room Floor

Laughing at :: Molly. She so desperately needs a haircut. It's to the point where her hair is so long over her eyes that she walks into my knees on the regular, and can't see tennis balls when we throw them in the park - she runs in the opposite direction and it's hilarious and kind of a little bit sad.

Enjoying :: wearing my wedding ring on its own, without my engagement ring. There's something so wonderful about seeing that simple little band on my finger, and knowing it means so much.

Taking advantage of :: the fact that now we are married I can be as outlandish as I want without fear of rejection. I ask Adam to "please get me some pie please I would really like some pie please" at all kinds of ungodly hours, and even though he has yet to get me pie, he can't tell me to bugger off and really mean it. Being married is great. Especially for those who enjoy pie.

Craving :: this pumpkin cornbread from Spoon Fork Bacon. I love all things corn bread and this is something I have got to try as a matter of urgency!!

Working on :: my photography portfolio!! I promised myself it would be my first post-wedding project and I'm already underway with trying to purchase a domain name. Any suggestions? Or maybe just

Loving :: my new Madewell jumper and jeans I bough in New York. Wow their stuff is comfortable - please come to London? 

Looking forward to :: catching up with Rocio when she comes to London so soon! And meeting Maja for the first time in December, hopefully if our flights coincide!! There's nothing like blogging for bringing together soul-sisters. 

Hating :: having to have strong words with people. Twice lately I have had to confront someone in public about cutting in front of me when it comes to getting a table at a restaurant. Both times I had been waiting ages, and the first time I was responsible for sitting around 28 people. Both ladies were mean and I was shaking afterwards, but I did it and I won! And hated every minute of it. I am not down with confrontation. 

Wanting :: a new candle. I spotted one at the Such & Such pop-up shop on Brick Lane last night that I think needs to come home with me. Also, while we're dreaming, one of their beautiful blankets too.

Answering :: the question "are you taking Adam's last name" a lot. Nope, I'm not. I don't want to, at least not right now. And also I'm bad at admin and paperwork. Oh and also, he's absolutely fine with it.