Just a Moment - ninteen

A few special moments from my life over the past few weeks.

In the park the other day Molly sat watching another dog chasing a ball for about ten minutes. She inched closer and closer until she was right in the path of the ball and could easily swoop in and pinch it. She's such a thief! 

Adam trying his best not to laugh. Helped on be me saying "don't laugh, don't laugh!!". We don't often spend time hanging out in the pub, but we should! We always have such a good time.

You know, before we got Molly I was looking at a British Bull Dog who was also up for adoption. I keep saying to Adam that if we ever get another dog it has to be a British Bull Dog - just look at this one! Spotted the other day in Broadway Market. 

We are huge fans of the butchers board at The Royal Oak in Columbia road. The best is when you get a seat at the bar and order one of these to share. Really though we should just order one each, we always end up fighting over the last gherkin. 

Molly has quite the leap in her! Sometimes if she's really happy she'll just jump up in the air, like she just can't contain herself and she needs to leap for joy. It's funny to occasionally see her running around the park and jumping up in the air - she looks like a little rabbit.

Oh how I miss those days where I could walk around in my pyjamas all day and call them trousers, and I needed no other shoes but wellies. The Christmas Holidays seem so much further away than they actually are. Why don't we get as much time off work for Easter as we do for Christmas, can someone explain this to me?

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