Our First Christmas Tree

On Sunday we decorated our first Christmas tree together. Even though we've been living together for three years, and have had other trees with flatmates, this is our first tree for just the two of us.

We went to Stoke Newington to the most sustainable Christmas tree seller I could find and picked out the first tree we came across - it has a huge bald spot on one side and we decided that if we didn't buy it, no one would because it's too funny looking. It also has a bit of a wonky top, and is more than a little crooked. Adam's back is really sore at the moment so I had to carry the tree to the car - it started out alright but I kind of lost control of it towards the end... I don't think we realised just how huge it is, it takes up half the livingroom!

Molly was very patient with us while we danced around the room, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot festive cocktails - she may or may not have been decorated in Christmas tree lights herself at one point...

I got to hang my favourite ornament, which is the mouse, and Adam got to put the star (which I feel very clever for making myself) at the top of the tree.

When everything was finally decorated we settled down to watch Meet Me in St Louis, my favourite Christmas film of all time. It's so fun to think that some of the things we did while getting ready for Christmas on Sunday will become traditions that we will carry out for years to come.