Adam's Adventures in the Kitchen

It's been a very adventure themed week this week, hasn't it? Not too sure how that worked out but never mind. 

A few weeks ago Adam woke up on a Saturday morning and asked if we could make some bread. I did a quick mental inventory of the cupboards and decided that, apart from a few ingredients, we pretty much had everything we needed. It was the Saturday a few weeks ago when it rained all day in London, but we pulled on our wellies and headed Broadway Market to pick up some rosemary, garlic and fancy olive oil.

Adam picked the recipe from the Kinfolk Table cookbook and it turned out really well. It was the first time I have ever known Adam to bake anything and he did it like a pro - I think we are discovering that he has a real talent in the kitchen, if a patchy (at best) inclination to cook.

Here's to rainy Saturdays spent at home with a cup of tea, while your husband to be works away in the kitchen and the dog constantly makes trips to the oven to find out what on earth that gorgeous smell could be.