The Town that Time Forgot

Lucchio is a little village in Tuscany that the world seems to have forgotten. We had heard there were about 45 people living there, but as Adam and I parked outside the town and walked all the way through to the top of the peak, we saw not a soul. There were lots of cats everywhere, and Adam swears he saw a little old lady, but I think it was more likely a ghost - it seemed that sort of place.

As we climbed through the steep and narrow streets, we saw signs that marked the abandoned buildings as being for sale. Some looked in good condition, but many had no doors or windows. Everything was rusting or disheveled, a few doorsteps were meticulously clean but there was no sign that anyone lived there. All was silence and it was very, very spooky.

At the top of the hill there are ruins from a castle long since abandoned. I've found a bit about it online but all I can gather is that its origins are unknown, although it once belonged to an old family from Bagni di Lucca - there must be some scandal there. The 'rocca' is hidden amongst woods and hills and has long since disintegrated into history, but the view from the top is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen - looking out across the peaks and down into the Lima valley. 

We liked to imagine that we were the only ones who had set foot on that hill top in years, though I'm sure that isn't true. But looked so untouched and serene.

On the way back down we tried to explore the church, but it was padlocked and the keyhole was full of cobwebs. We looked for a shop or a cafe, but as expected there was nothing but cats. As we were leaving we did run into an old man who told us that he had grown up in Lucchia but had left when he was a young man, that day was the first time he had seen his family home in over forty years - but now it stands lonely and abandoned. He reminisced about where the tavern used to be, and the cafes, but now everyone he knew and all his family were long gone. It was a bit sad, but he didn't seem to mind, he just wandered along down the street, smoking his cigarette with a cat following along behind him.

Now that I look back on it, maybe he was a ghost too. Actually yes, most definitely a ghost.

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