Dreaming up a Wedding, Part Two: the Honeymoon

When it first sunk in that Adam and I were actually going to get married, a few things emerged out of the chaos of wedding planning to be the things I am most excited about (apart from marrying Adam of course): the photographer, the dress, and the honeymoon.

I started planning our honeymoon pretty much the day we got engaged - any excuse to travel, what can I say? My first thought was Borneo, or Mongolia. Or maybe Tibet? But then I mentally ran through an entire year of wedding planning to-do's in my mind and realised that after all that work, I probably wouldn't want to spend even more time organising a backpacking adventure.

Then I remembered when my cousin got married and posted loads of pictures to facebook of his honeymoon in the Maldives at a luxury hotel, I think it was somewhere like this. It was one of those holidays with a bar by the pool, sea huts that are only accessible by boat, and candlelit dinners on sand bars under the stars.

So now for a honeymoon I'm dreaming of a week or two in a luxury holiday hideaway, where adventures consist of getting up off your personal beach paradise to go in search of a cocktail.

After we've unwound from the wonderful but chaotic wedding weeks, we'll throw on our backpacks on go off in search of a different kind of adventure. But I've never had a holiday dedicated to just relaxation, and right now it sounds about perfect.

This post was written in partnership with Emirates Holidays.