The Tale of Two Rings

When Adam first proposed to me, my ring wasn't quite ready. He had it made for me and it took a little longer to get my size right - my fingers are really little...

He needed something to propose with though, so he decided to make me a ring. Adam has these little bursts of creativity sometimes, and when inspiration strikes he tends to produce something really beautiful.

In the summer he had chopped and collected a few pieces of wood from his cottage which he intended to carve into spoons. Instead he carved one of the pieces into a ring for me, as a temporary substitute until my forever one was ready. 

There is so much sentimentality behind both of these rings. The first one is special because it comes from Adam's family cottage, on a lake in Ontario. The second one is special because Adam designed it himself using an aquamarine that used to belong to my grandmother. It used to sit in the first ring my Grandfather bought for my Grandmother when they moved to India as young twenty-somethings. Her engagement ring, which was also her wedding ring, was a really simple band with a rose carving around it which has mostly worn off now, but I still carry it with me every day. I suppose my Grandfather wanted something special for her now that they were living a new life so far away from England. My mum says she can still remember my Grandfather bringing it home for my Grandmother when she was a little girl, and she can even point out the jewelry shop in Bombay where he bought it.

I remember some months ago when I asked my Grandfather if he would mind if I used the stone which had fallen out of its setting for an engagement ring. He was more emotional in his later years than when I was little but I still half expected a stern lecture about being presumptuous. But I think he was rather touched by the thought, at least he sounded it when he said "yes, I think your Grandmother would have liked that."

Now that he is no longer around, it feels nice to know I'll always carry a bit of both of my grandparents with me - in something so lovingly designed by someone who will care for me always, kind of like they cared for me when I was young. It still amazes me how something so little can contain so much love, and so many memories.

Except it isn't that little really, not for an engagement ring. It's really quite huge actually, which is funny to get used to because I have never worn a ring before. When Adam first gave it to me I was a little afraid to wear it to be honest - but now my days are combination of compliments on my new ring, which make me smile, and full on panics when I think I've lost it for a moment.

The design is Adam's, but it was beautifully put together by the talented Emma Franklin who I am so looking forward to meeting one day. She also has a very beautiful photo of the ring on her Pinterest page which does it better justice than I ever could with my camera.