Homemade: a Christmas Garland


Happy December the 1st!! I'm so looking forward to everything this month is going to bring - Christmas, family, decorations, amazing food... the list goes on.

To start things off on a festive note, I put together a little homemade Christmas garland this weekend that I thought I would share. I started looking for homemade Christmas decorations a while ago because this is our first Christmas in our own flat, Adam and I, and we have no decorations at all. As much as I would like to buy all of Anthropologie's Christmas department, we have a lot to save for over here (wedding!!), so we're trying to do as much as we can on our own.

I've recently started learning to crochet and I thought I must be able to do something creative with that. So when I saw all the rowan trees outside Hackney City Farm had lost their leaves, leaving the branches with lots of bright red berries, I thought I could make a lovely garland.

The result looks beautiful, and it cost far less than anything you can buy in the shops. You can hang it on the wall, on the firplace, or on the tree! All you need is:

- one ball of white yarn 

- some rowan tree berries

- scissors

- a crochet hook

- washi tape if you want to put it up on the wall

+ crochet a simple line using the hook and yarn, it's so easy, trust me - use this tutorial on how to crochet. You can make it as long as you want and tie it off in a knot at the end using the scissors to cut it from the ball of yarn

+ cut off a few stalks of berries and push them through a few holes along your line of crochet, every six inches or so.

+ use the washi tape to hang it on the wall as it won't take your paint off when you want to take it down, or hang it on your tree when you put it up. I think that would look lovely.

I hung ours over the bed, to bring a little festive cheer to our bedroom and I'll probably hang some on the tree when we put it up next weekend. I can't wait!

Also, head on over to Ćhe and Michelle's blogs, they're putting up some really great tutorials at some point today too.