Hi, I'm Freya

I started life on a sunny beach in Bermuda, grew up among the lakes and forests of Canada, and planted my own roots in England.

I have a restless heart that finds peace in movement and a life on the road. 

I am happiest when I am working with my camera, and creating something meaningful. 

Some days I'm planning shoots overseas, editing photos and films, and working with agencies or organisations to plan the visual aspects of their campaings. Other days I’m packing my bags and hitting the road – always on the move.

I love work that takes me outside. I love to travel with my husband and my dog, to forge real friendships with genuine people who do what they love. I love campfires and ghost stories (which actually really scare me). I love quiet, and green things. I love how the enormity of nature can make you feel so small. I love how distant cities and cultures can make you feel alive like nothing else. I love an open road, and the possibility of a new beginning.

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